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We have fee arrangements to suit every type of collection matter. We are open to discussion on fees for many matters involving secured debts and large or repeat accounts.

Most of our work is taken on a 'contingent fee' basis, meaning that we don't get paid untill you get paid: at that time we take a percentage. The percentage is usually 1/3. Lower or higher rates are available for certain types of cases; for example, large cases, repeat or multiple accounts qualify for discounted fee schedules. Under this arrangement you only pay the nominal suit filing fee and sheriff fees up front.

We also can take certain cases on an hourly basis. This can sometimes be equitable when the debtor files a countersuit.

Larger litigation matters can sometimes avail themselves of a split fee arrangement where you can combine a smaller hourly fee with a reduced contingent fee.

If you have a particular need, call us to discuss it so we can start the collection process today.

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