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Our Collection Method

Suit first, ask questions later. In an uncertain economy, only the most aggressive posture can guarantee success collecting your money. The first to strike has a much better chance of successful collection. When you submit your information to us, we prepare a lawsuit immediately. Our fees are reasonable and our record of results unparalleled, because we are first and foremost seasoned and aggressive litigators.

Our Collection Fees

Our standard fee to collect on a judgement is one third of the amount actually collected. This is a contingent fee, meaning you don't pay us unless and untill we actually collect the debt for you. In contested cases where the debtor files an answer and defense or counterclaim which we would then represent you on, the contingent fee is forty per cent or hourly. In all contingent fee cases, out of pocket costs are payable in addition to the fees, such as the fee for filing your suit in court. In some larger or individual cases we can sometimes offer you a "split" contingent fee, which is a very low hourly fee (ie.$70/hr.) combined with a substantially reduced contingent fee (ie. 15-20%). Fees can be negotiable depending on the size and complexity of the collection matter. Special pricing is offered to large accounts, secured accounts, and repeat or volume institutional accounts. Banks may call us for a la carte fee schedule for motions and attachments etc.

For a sample Fee Agreement, click here.

Creditors Rights Attorneys

Gray and Hamill LLP.
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