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We handle many claim for Companies outside of Massachusetts wishing to collect against Massachusetts Debtors.

When the Basic Options Corporation wanted to collect monies against a Massachusetts Corporation for their Californis company, they called us in December of 2009. They were owed over $150,000 from a Massachusetts Company. We filed suit within 2 days of their signing a fee agreement with our firm. Within 40 days we had a check for the full amount of the debt.

Here's what their CEO said about us in a letter

"I initially had hired a collection agency to recover a very sizable debt for me. After being told they will make regular phone calls and I could follow their efforts through a web site I knew I had wrong people... I found Hamill and Grey through their web site and right away I knew had the sharks that I needed to recover my money. Within 36 hours they had filed a motion with a local judge blocking the sale of their company and freezing their assets until they addressed my debt. The net effect of this action was to throw a hand grenade into my debtors office. Put simply, he got their attention. The end result was I recovered my money and it happened fast. "

The firm of Hamill and Grey is aggressive, action oriented, and relentless in pursuit of their quest.

Rand Rigney
Basic Options"

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