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Case #1 Facts: Stock Broker/ Investment advisor solicits 300 people and over $20 million dollars which he fraudulently lost. We represent a single investor. We filed suit immediately, attached the Debtors bank accounts and filed suit against all of his associates - even his accounting firm. Sherriffs are waiting for the signal on 3 O'clock on Friday to reposses his automobiles including a new Mercedes driven by his wife. At the same time his bank account is attached and his business doors were locked. 48 hours later, his attorneys agreed to repay the full amount of our investors money. The entire suit and settlement took less than 2 weeks. The FBI subsequently indicted the Defendant and he was sentenced (and did serve 6+ years in a federal penetentiary) for fraud. Our client was the ONLY person out of 300 who receievd ANY money at all.

Case #2: Rand Rigney CEO of Basic Options, calls with this problem: His debtor owes his company $125,000 and he is about to sell out his interests to another corporation. Time is of the essence. We are engaged on a contingency basis (no fee unless we successfully collect his money). We file suit and serve the defendant emergency motions to : (1) enjoin the sale, (2) place a lien on his propertuy and (3) attach his bank account. The court grants our requests (although vigourously opposed by the debtors attorneys) and our client is paid in full within 30 days. See what our client said about us here : Client.

If the claim is contested we are experienced, seasoned Trial Lawyers and litigators with well tested skills at advancing your case rapidly to judgement and collection. We have a number of flexible and creative fee schedules including Contingent Fee arrangements.

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